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An integral player in the future of Mooring Solutions for Floating Wind and Aquaculture. Our patented SeaSpring product is revolutionising the industry through its cost saving, efficiency and sustainability credentials.

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TFI SeaSprings are polymer springs designed to change the overall behavior of the mooring system, providing a non-linear response. They deliver a smarter rather than just a stronger mooring system. The Seasprings response is stiff at low loads but compliant around the thrust load of the wind turbine, which is the opposite of a chain or rope system, which starts off compliant and gets stiffer as they elongate.

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The SeaSpring allows the platform response at its operating or survival loads to be tailored, resulting in substantially lower maximum loads on the mooring system. The mooring system configuration can be optimised depending on the desired performance, i.e., maximum load reduction, fatigue reduction, footprint reduction, etc

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TFI Marine SeaSprings convert tension in the mooring line into compression of a polymer spring, reducing mooring line tensions by more than 50%.

Different size and stiffness TFI SeaSprings can be combined in a mooring line to target different sea states e.g., some SeaSprings will reduce ULS load, while other SeaSprings will be targeted at OSFR (Operational Scenario Fatigue Reduction).

*Depends on mooring configuration and desired performance.


TFI SeaSprings are compatible with every single type of mooring configuration, line type and wind platform. This comprehensive compatibility empowers you to enhance the performance and reliability of your mooring system across any setup, ensuring optimal results in the ever-evolving field of offshore wind energy.

All mooring configurations
CatenaryTautSemi taut
All types of floating wind platforms
All line types
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Transform your mooring operations with a more sustainable and efficient solution

TFI SeaSprings are compatible with all mooring configurations, line type and wind platform. This comprehensive compatibility empowers you to enhance the performance and reliability of your mooring system across any setup, ensuring optimal results in the ever-evolving field of offshore wind energy.

  • Load Reduction

    TFI Marine SeaSpring's innovative technology reduces the peak load by up to ~50% and the fatigue by ~30%, increasing the efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

  • Installation

    The SeaSpring offers the client the opportunity of selecting a cost effective installation process saving both time and money.

  • Fatigue

    Our technology reduces the impact of fatigue on the structure by ~20% to ~30%, increasing its reliability and lifespan.

  • Footprint

    TFI Marine SeaSpring's product delivers high performance while reducing the environmental impact with a reduced footprint of up to 70%.

  • Lifetime

    TFI Marine's Seaspring provides the opportunity of reducing footprint by up to ~70%, reducing the environmental impact of the mooring system on the seabed.

  • Material

    Our product utilises smaller and lighter materials that maintain high strength and durability, making transportation and installation easier without compromising performance.

  • Recyclable

    TFI Marine SeaSpring is manufactured using materials that are 100% recyclable, thus promoting a more sustainable future and reducing waste.

  • Certified

    TFI Marine has received prototype certification from DNV.

Built for these Industries

Floating Offshore Wind
Floating Offshore Wind

The TFI Marine SeaSpring is already viewed by many as the industry leader in mooring load reduction. It is the only device actively engaged in the Certification process with PPI in shallow wind, where it has achieved DNV prototype status.

Our new generation of reliable, effective and compact mooring line solutions will now provide the global market with an excellent opportunity for
total cost reduction.


Our Aquaculture team has years of experience in this industry and bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding on how critical a mooring system is for floating offshore fish farms. Our SeaSpring will provide peace of mind for this industry and positively change the cost and risk landscape for existing and future Aquaculture farms.

Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas

Our SeaSpring mooring system will be a vital element in the importance of keeping floating offshore facilities in position in the unstable and harsh deep-water conditions at offshore oil and gas fields. Our mooring device is designed to sustain extreme loads of waves, water currents, and wind.

Other Renewables
Other Renewables

The TFI Marine SeaSpring is a key component that will unlock substantial mooring solution savings for the floating offshore renewable energy industry and is poised to be a leading player in load reduction devices for floating offshore projects.


Built for these


We are delighted to be working with so many innovators globally. As part of the Carbon Trust Project, TFI Marine collaborated with the floating offshore JIT comprising of 17 leading developers in designing our inbuilt mooring monitoring capabilities.

Funded by NYSERDA we have been partnered with Principle Power, Aker Offshore Wind, American Bureau of Shipping and NREL to demonstrate a shallow float mooring solution for the US market.

Project Developers

Mooring Systems

Platform Developers

Project Developers

Mooring Systems

Platform Developers

Potential Mooring System Optimization Using Polymer Spring Component – FOWT Application


Proposing TFI Marine SeaSpring solution, the whitepaper aims to enhance the fatigue life of FOWT mooring systems while simultaneously reducing vulnerability and costs. Through extensive analysis, it demonstrates the benefits of SeaSprings in mitigating fatigue and improving reliability in the offshore wind energy sector.

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