The Future for Offshore Mooring Solutions.

An integral player in the future of Offshore Mooring Solutions for Floating Off Shore Wind and Aquaculture. Our patented SeaSpring product is revolutionising the industry through its cost saving, efficiency and sustainability credentials.

An integral player in the future of Offshore Mooring Solutions for Floating Off Shore Wind and Aquaculture. Our patented SeaSpring product is revolutionising the industry through its cost saving, efficiency and sustainability credentials.


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Floating Offshore Wind

The TFI Marine SeaSpring is a key component that will unlock substantial mooring solution savings for this industry and is poised to be a leading player in load reduction devices for floating offshore projects. A new generation of reliable, effective and compact mooring line solutions will now provide the global market with an excellent opportunity for total cost reduction.

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The TFI Marine SeaSpring offers the farmed fish sector a technological paradigm shift in improved mooring security. The leading cause of fish escapes, which are disastrous from both a financial and reputational point of view, is mooring failure. The SeaSpring has the capacity to reduce that risk to virtually nil. In addition, our SeaSpring offers effective mitigation against the more frequent and extreme weather events associated with climate change and it opens up a whole range of sites for development, hitherto seen as being too exposed. A cost effective approach to sharply reducing operational risk for all cage types.

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TFI Marine named top innovator by Reuters Events

TFI Marine is delighted to be named in the Top 100 Offshore Wind Supply Chain Innovators Report 2023, compiled by Reuters Event.

We are a recognised disruptor in the floating offshore wind sector, paving the way to 30GW, and securing a smarter future for offshore mooring.

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Our Products

TFI Marine SeaSpring is a polymer-based, mooring component that reduces the mooring loads and fatigue experienced by floating platforms. This game changing component can reduce Floating Offshore Wind mooring loads by over 60%, reducing the Minimal Breaking Load of all components in the mooring line. Smaller components mean cheaper installation, with reduced vessel requirements. Fatigue is also substantially reduced, typically by 20-30%, reducing maintenance costs while extending the lifetime of all mooring components.

We offer a range of SeaSpring products for the Floating Offshore Wind industry to match their changing needs across turbine sizes, platform types and locations. Our products are based on the load the polymer is designed to manage. The Minimal Breaking Load of our SeaSprings is determined by the metalwork design and are typically at least twice the operating load. We offer SeaSprings with operating loads from ~1000kN to >9000kN. They are useable for deployment in Floating Offshore Wind, Oil & Gas, and floating tidal applications and are in the final stages of certification by DNV. We are currently deploying a Floating Offshore Wind demonstration in Kamoy, Norway on the original Equinor Hywind platform.

We offer a range of products for the offshore aquaculture industry, both for existing grid-based mooring systems and for next-generation superstructure platforms. Our modelling teams work with the aquaculture mooring system designers to identify the correct products for their farms, based on the locations and expected loading requirements.

TFI Marine SeaSpring Benefits


By reducing mooring line length and quantity, our TFI Marine SeaSpring reduces the mooring system weight and in turn this reduces mooring line installation costs.


Tailored for high energy environments, our TFI Marine SeaSpring will adapt to changing sea states. This will reduce loads by up to 60%.


High energy environments increase the need for maintenance. The TFI Marine SeaSpring will reduce wear and tear on mooring lines and thus reduce the maintenance needs.

TFI Marine SeaSpring for FOW Mooring System Applications.

This white paper is a guide on how to implement SeaSprings in FOW moorings. It provides a range of case studies with SeaSprings, across different platforms, turbine sizes, and mooring configurations.

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    working with

    industry innovators

    We are delighted to be working with so many innovators globally. As part of the Carbon Trust Project, TFI Marine collaborated with the floating offshore JIT comprising of 17 leading developers in designing our inbuilt mooring monitoring capabilities. Funded by NYSERDA we have been partnered with Principle Power, Aker Offshore Wind, American Bureau of Shipping and NREL to demonstrate a shallow float mooring solution for the US market.


    We are problem solvers! When we set up TFI Marine it was with a view to finding solutions for off shore industries that would improve their efficiency, contribute to sustainability and ultimately make their operations more cost effective.


    For more information on the SeaSpring contact our sales team.