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We can support either new projects or existing deployments.




TfI mooring systems are ideal for securing costly assets such as fish stocks, feed barges, and cages. Our tethers can be retrofitted to your current mooring to offer a total elimination of shock loads, 70% reduction in peak loads, and reduced mooring footprint. This will dramatically increase its lifespan while lowering the capital and operational expenditure.


Marine Renewable Energy devices require reliable design solutions that ensure durability, efficiency, and reliability, be it tidal, wave or floating wind. With our adaptable mooring solutions, we offer components which exhibit a tailored tension response, guaranteeing substantial load and cost reductions.


We offer better protection for data buoys and navigation marks with our load reducing method that also eliminates snatch loads from larger waves. Our mooring tethers have been tested on buoys and have demonstrated a capability in all weather conditions, even in the most extreme offshore locations.


Our tethers reduce mooring loads by 70% and eliminate snatch loads.

Could you benefit from reducing mooring breakage and enhanced structural safety? Our patented mooring solutions are the answer


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